Vision & Mission


  • · To be an excellence in training Physiotherapy students
  • · To train future leaders for education, research and practice in Physiotherapy using advance techniques
  • · To promote sustainable development by using various skills and techniques in certain conditions by assuring best teaching and educational center.
  • · To seek a leadership role in institutional and community research through developing innovative, multidisciplinary collaborative approaches.


  • · The mission of course is to impart in-depth knowledge in various specialties with regards to
  • · scope and upliftment in our profession.
  • · diseases, disorders and dysfunction.
  • · To develop holistic approach in society for success in life.


  • · Promote excellent Physiotherapy education and train General and Specialized physiotherapy professionals.
  • · Excellent Physiotherapy education and service research for community development.
  • · Enhance referral service Centre for physiotherapy.
  • · Promote Research and quality management in Physiotherapy.