Sr No. Name of the Author Title of Paper/topic Name of journal Details of publication
Vol Iss Year
1.   Dr.Umiya Pathan, Dr.Amruta D. Doijad Effects of MET on hamstring tightness in normal females Medplus International Journal of Physiotherapy 14 03 2020
2. Dr. Javid H Sagar et. al Comparison of Flutter and Autogenic Drainage on Airway Clearance In Patients with Moderate Chronic Bronchitis International Journal Of Lifescience and Pharma Research 10 04 2020
3. Munpreet singh et. al Effects of Shoulder Proprioceptive Exercises on Non Specific Neck Pain with Forward Head Posture: A Randomized Controlled Trial International Journal of Current Advanced Research 07 06 2018
4.   Munpreet singh et. al Effect of IASTM using M2T Blade on Acute Heel Pain: A Pilot Study Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research 05 04 2017
5. Munpreet Singh et. al Comparison of Myofascial Release and IASTM using M2T Blade on Heel Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial Indian Journal of Applied Research 07 10 2017