Faculty Research

Our college have connected our research and academic database to IRINS. IRINS is web-based Research Information Management (RIM) service developed by the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre in collaboration with the Central University of Punjab. The portal facilitates the academic, R&D organizations and faculty members, scientists to collect, curate and showcase the scholarly communication activities and provide an opportunity to create the scholarly network. The IRINS is available as free software-as-service to the academic and R&D organizations in India. IRINS will automatically update the research papers available online from SCOPUS and WoS databases.

      All research papers are found on –http://dypcet.irins.org/

Patent Filed/Obtained

 Sr No Name of Faculty and Students  Department Patent Title Ref.No. Filed/Granted Year
 1 Dr. K V KulhalliComputer Scienceand EngineeringFair seat Allocation system and passenger security system in public transport 38/2017 Filed 22/9/2017
 2 Dr. K V KulhalliComputer Scienceand EngineeringAutomated Product Data Manager for Foundry productsE-2/1436/2019-MUM Filed 28/6/2019
 3 Dr. T. B. Mohite-Patil Electronics and Telecommunication Kendal Conversion to useful products 2209/MUM/2012 2012
 4 Dr. T. B. Mohite-Patil Electronics and Telecommunication Remote mobile charger 2208/MUM/2012 2012
 5 Dr. T. B. Mohite-Patil Electronics and Telecommunication High voltage guard for TV 2207/MUM/20122012
6 Dr. T. B. Mohite-Patil Electronics and Telecommunication Railway Accident prevention by railway track breakage pre-intimation system 2206/MUM/2012 2012
 7 Dr. T. B. Mohite-Patil Electronics and Telecommunication Power generation by refilling of Borewel 2205/MUM/2012 2012
 9 Dr. S V Sankpal Electronics and Telecommunication Enhanced grid sensor placement algorithm for energy theft detection in smart gridE-          101/14444/MUM/2019 Filed 2019
 11 P D BagadeMechanicalEngineering Low Cost Home Security System Obtained 2014
 12 P D BagadeMechanicalEngineering Urinal Auto Flush System Filed 2017